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Jannatul Ferdous, VP Welfare & Equalities

VP Welfare & Equalities

Your VP Welfare is responsible for ensuring your voice is heard on all issues relating to support, health, safety, wellbeing and inclusion.

Jannatul Ferdous 

Hiya! I am Jannatul Ferdous(she/her), and I am your VP Welfare and Equality for the 2021/2022 academic year. 

I have spent three years at London South Bank University - 2 years as an LLB Hons(LAW) student and representing you last year as a Sabbatical officer at the Students’ Union. This year I will work with a fantastic officer team –Max (Union President), Rabbi (VP Education) & Joel (VP Activities). We are all committed to making sure your time at university is memorable, comfortable, and the most impactful for your career.

Along with the 21/22 officer team, I want to make sure that every student at LSBU is proud of their Students’ Union.

Latest updates

How I got involved in the SU

I arrived at LSBU back in 2018 as a Law Student from Bangladesh. Joining the Law society was my first interaction with the SU. During the 2019 Refreshers Fair, I got to see how the SU worked more closely. In the same year, I started working with SU as one of the Student Trustee. From that moment, I feel like my actual journey with the Students’ Union began, and my university journey became better and better. During the last academic year, I became more aware of problems students' were facing - and areas of the university that could improve, which is how I made up my mind to run for Vice President Welfare and Equality again in the 20/21 academic year. Towards the end of my first term, I felt there was so much more I wanted to achieve for the students at LSBU, which is why I decided to re-run. 

Thank you all for electing and putting your trust in me for the 21/22 academic year.

2020-21 achievements


  • Rebranded SU Advice Service
  • Free sanitary products
  • Mental health facilitator for LSBU students
  • Work opportunities for the law students at the SU
  • Interfaith Forum with LSBU Multifaith Chaplaincy
  • First International Student Forum


  • Decolonisation campaign
  • Islamophobia awareness caampaign

For Halls of Residence

  • Rent rebate
  • Christmas wellbeing card 
  • Rent support fund
  • First Accommodation Forum

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Representing Students on issues relating to support, health, safety, wellbeing and inclusion to the University and on a National level.
  • Delivery and coordination of campaigns on Liberation & Student Welfare with the union and other officers
  • Providing support for our Liberation Part time officers, and creating networks for them to collect student voice and feed into the Unions work
  • Collecting views and opinions on issues such as Accomodation and Housing, Mental Health support, EDI, Decolonisation etc and feeding that back to relevant stakeholders
  • Work as part of the sabbatical officer team to uphold our values, processes and constitution
  • Acting as a Trustee of the Union to ensure we are compliant and meeting our strategic objectives

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    Awarding Gap

    • President

    What's the big idea?

    At LSBU, a full-time black student is 18% less likely to receive a 1st class degree than a white student. The university knows this and is addressing it, but the plan is five years long and still in the very early stages. We now need a comprehensive review of what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong. This kind of gap is entirely unacceptable; universities are meant to be the epicentre of modern life. How can we lead the world in this new post-pandemic era when we have an awarding gap that is this severe? Whilst the university is aware of this and is currently actively starting to try and come up with a solution – they are not doing enough. We need to bring together all communities and reach out to ensure that no group is left behind.

    How will it benefit students?

    We need to put more pressure on the university to address this. The university needs to apportion more funding so that solutions to this problem can start rolling out in the next academic year, with changes from this September. We need to focus on: - Decolonising the curriculum, removing structural racism from any aspect of the teaching syllabus by doing away with relics from the past. We need to push for more positive role models from a wide range of backgrounds with various life experiences. - Diverse hiring, so more lecturers and university leaders are inspiring figures for all of our students to look up to as role models. - Strict procedures to deal with any form of racial harassment or discrimination. So that abuse of any kind is dealt with in a zero-tolerance manner. Any hate crime or microaggression is still a breach and must be dealt with in due course. I want to bring all students into this conversation, the solution to this is very complex, and we need to ensure that all avenues are explored. I want students to be aware of the problem, and so together, with the university, we can actively begin to solve this. I want to be your ally and end hate crimes at LSBU whilst ensuring a high level of diversity is attained throughout the university. We must continue to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the university, creating an environment where everybody's voice counts.


    During my first month, I've been involved in many meetings looking at this issue. I've expressed my disappointment that this is a five-year plan, but am being told that this is a requirement. 

    Currently, I hope to work to bring more students in on this conversation and set up a series of comprehensive, far-reaching focus groups.

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