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A student wearing a hijab

Student Communities

Our students are diverse and no two students will have the same university experience; we all face different challenges, have different strengths and spend our time in different ways.

Celebrating diversity

At South Bank SU we celebrate diversity and recognise that there are some communities which face additional barriers in life as well as at university.

We have a number of different networks to help students from those communities to have a voice and a space to meet each other. Each one of these student networks has an elected student leader, who sits on our Union Council. Our student networks are:

  • BAME Students Network
  • Disabled Students Network
  • LGBTQ+ Students Network
  • Women Students Network
  • International Students Network
  • EU Students Network
  • Postgraduate Students Network
  • Part-Time Students Network
  • Mature Students Network
  • Nursing Students Network

In addition, we have an Ethical & Environmental Network for students with an interest in ethical and environmental issues.

If you would like to participate in one of these networks, contact the elected student leader.

Got a Problem?

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