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European Law Students' Association

The European Law Students' Association is an international, independent organisation run by and for law students. It is currently comprised of 25 different local groups making it the UK's largest intercollegiate law society. 


ELSA LSBU aims to enable members to take parts in activities such as summer internships, international conferences, debates, and panel discussions with legal professionals.


Whilst expanding our knowledge of human rights and learning the necessary skills to thrive in the industry, there will also be opportunities to network with students from other ELSA groups. This not only entails students from the city but across the continent. Joining ELSA LSBU, you could become an active member of the European Legal scene!


Members will have access to every amazing opportunity hosted by ELSA UK, with the chance to challenge their legal skills further and seek incredible experiences.


Jakub Kopec
Elizabeth Still
Vice President
Cara Heanue

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