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Our Strategy

A good students’ union at South Bank is not good enough - we have to be great. We want to ensure every student has the opportunity to reach their true potential.

A relevant, responsive and truly transformative students' union

In 2020 the SU developed a new, ambitious strategy to become a truly relevant and transformative students’ union by 2025.

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Ensuring every student has the opportunity to reach their true potential

Education has the power to change everything

Even in 2020, our education system still lacks real equality

To thrive, students at LSBU need an empowering and supportive educational environment

Every student should be able to access a world class union

Building a truly excellent students’ union which drives mission, success & impact.

Our Strategic Beliefs

  • We believe education for employment is the reason students come to study at South Bank, and we recognise that every student and their journey is different.
  • We believe that an excellent students’ union at South Bank is one that offers a radically personal approach which supports success in every classroom and beyond.
  • We believe our job is to support each and every student to succeed as a transformative force of change through support and opportunities that helps students reach their full potential.
  • We believe in the value of evidence and are driven by impact, with students a part of the design and delivery of all our work - with insight coming from research and participation.
  • We believe in reimagining and innovating about what representation, participation, leadership and student opportunities mean in a 21st century university and society

Our Behaviours

We are purpose led

With 18,000 students at the heart of everything we do; each with their own voice, ideas, needs and priorities.

We champion student leadership

Supporting, developing and championing students as leaders across the organisation and beyond.

We are professional staff

Acting as facilitators, coordinators and managers of activities and services; working with, not just for students.

We are creative and diverse

Bringing energy, creativity and fun and putting diversity at the heart of everything we do.

We are motivated and ambitious

Passionate about the success of and serving the students that rely on us we are ambitious about what we can do and how we do it.

We work in partnership

We are incredibly proud of our relationship with the university and see it as our responsibility to drive its mission together in partnership.