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Rabbi, VP Education

VP Education & Deputy President

Your VP Education is responsible for ensuring your voice is heard on all issues to your education and academic experience.


Hi, I'm MD Rabbi (he/him) and I'm your VP for Education and Deputy President for the 2021/22 academic year. I am an international student from Bangladesh studying Accounting and Finance at LSBU. I started my journey with the Students' Union in 2018 by being elected as an International Students' officer, Course Rep for three years in a row, and your VP Education in the 2020/21 academic year.

I am passionate about you, your voice, your campaign.

Latest updates

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2020-21 achievements

  • No Detriment Policy & Lecture Capture Policy 
  • Lobbied for inclusive hardship fund in 20/21 academic year
  • Introduced a student issues tracker  

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Represent your academic interest by making sure your voice gets heard loud and clear
  • Working in partnership with the university to improve academic policies.
  • Work as part of the sabbatical officer team to uphold our values, processes and constitution
  • Acting as a Trustee of the Union to ensure we are compliant and meeting our strategic objectives

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    Covid-19 Pandemic

    • President

    What's the big idea?

    This has undoubtedly been the worst year to be a student. It's been incredibly tough for all of us; online teaching, a lack of face-to-face interaction and missing out on what it is like to be a student has had a massive impact on our experience. I believe we get more from university's day-to-day life experiences than we do from just studying. Whatever your subject is, everything you do around your studies makes a massive impact on the person you have become by graduation day. We've lost so much this year, and I want to make sure where possible we make up for what we've missed.

    How will it benefit students?

    The pandemic has presented no end of new problems for us all, but the least we expect is that our university helps to provide solutions to our problems. I think most of us understand that a lot of the events of the last year have been out of the university's hands, and we appreciate all they've done to help and support us so far. However, at times there have been failures. I think it's also important to recognise the opportunities that are arising from this pandemic. We are perhaps about to enter a boom of life and energy. Let's take this time when things are bad to make services that were already lacking better than before! As mentioned, my main three aims as we hopefully see an end to this pandemic will include: - Ensuring students don't miss out on 'that experience' - Graduation Ceremonies and other key university events. - Ensuring Mental Health Support is available and absolute.


    Currently, I'm involved in the vast planning for welcome week and freshers fair 2021. I'm pleased to share that the union team have been working for months to ensure that as much as possible, all LSBU students have the very best start to their academic year this September.

    The university has confirmed that graduation ceremonies will take place, but we're still waiting on dates. In the meantime, current graduates can get involved with the festival of success programme.

    Mental Health support is due to receive a university-wide overhaul with the implementation of the new LEAP software programme from October 2021.

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