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Joel, VP Activities & Participation

VP Activities & Employability

Your VP Activities is responsible for ensuring your voice is heard on all issues relating to extracurricular activities, including sports, societies, volunteering and events.


My Name is Joel, I studied Visual Effects here at LSBU. My first involvement with the SU was in my first year when I put myself forward to take over running and hosting the weekly Quiz here on campus! This year I have been working with the opportunities team to make sure sports and societies are more inclusive than ever, working with the Events Coordinator to ensure that the online events calendar was ever changing and evolving to student demand. I was limited in my role by the online working during the pandemic, but I am so excited to do the things I had put on hold this past year to make YOUR student experience outside of the classroom an immersive and engaging experience.

Latest updates

2020-21 achievements

  • Made the process of setting up a new Team or Society easier 
  • Developed an adaptable, engaging & inclusive online events calendar
  • Supported committee members through the pandemic by sitting down and listening to their needs & issues 
  • Lead the Union Freshers & Varsity Events 
  • Worked with the Schools & Union to increase the creation of Academic and Course Based Societies 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • To ensure that the Student Voice is heard in all things Extra Curricular and Employability. 
  • Looking after the best interests of students outside of the classroom including Sports, Societies and Events. 
  • Work as part of the sabbatical officer team to uphold our values, processes and constitution
  • Acting as a Trustee of the Union to ensure we are compliant and meeting our strategic objectives

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    Continue Recorded Lectures

    • President

    What's the big idea?

    Whilst we have all lost out on that crucial university experience during the pandemic, I'm sure many of us (especially 2nd years onwards) recognise the good things that have come out of this experience. Recording all our classes has been immensely useful for all students, whether or not you watch the live class, watch them later, watch them again or use them for revision. Having 24/7 access to all our classes has been a game-changer and is essential for studying in the modern-day.

    How will it benefit students?

    In terms of on-campus lectures: The university has been promising for years that lectures will be recorded and are still saying that now. We need to at least start taking concrete steps toward this happening. There is no better time than now when the campus is closed, and the lecture halls aren't being used. Even if this is expensive, the university needs to ensure this happens now. Enough is enough! As soon as lectures start taking place on campus again, they must be recorded. This is an absolute must and is required if we're going to keep up with modern universities.


    Following early conversations around lecture capture on campus, I'm seeing many problems and no solutions. There does seem to be resistance to this kind of infrastructure on multiple levels within the group.

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I've got no idea!