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Bangladeshi Society

Welcome, all to the "LSBU Bangladeshi Society"

A country of ardent hospitality, natural resources, rivers, tigers, and of amazing locals.

"LSBU Bangladesh Society" is a community to meet people and discover new ideas:

We mainly focus on:

1. Highlighting culture: One of our main purposes is to represent our culture and history through multiple cultural events throughout the year in the university and collaborate with other societies.

2. Social: A great opportunity to make friends, meet newcomers, and know your Alumni!!

3. Charity: We aim to give 20% of our events profit (if something left after meeting all costs), which will be earned by organizing events in and outside of the university.

4. Education: To increase student's engagement from Bangladesh at London South Bank University, we will come up with significant events to ease the application process.

5. Community help: We aim to help the student who is looking for a part-time job, internship, a mentor, career guidelines through networking and will always be there to make your university life less stressful.

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Md Sadman
Sulaiman Siddique

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