Students' Union Volunteering brings you the opportunity to make volunteering whatever you want it to be. The Students' Union currently had 100's of student volunteers made up of: Sports Committees, Societies Committees, Course Reps, Events Volunteers and The Freshers Welcome Team!

These roles empower you, teach valuable skills and will improve your employment prospects. As a Volunteer, you have the chance to lead existing projects or create new ones; the power really is in your hands!

Some current volunteers engage in educational programmes that involve going into schools and giving young pupils support and advice. Volunteers have also been involved in community development projects alongside their studies. To see some of the current opportunities we offer click here.

If you have any questions about any of the above or want to find out more please email the LSBU Volunteer Coordinator on vol@lsbsu.org 


Volunteering with LSBSU doesn't just leave you feeling great but you can also achieve awards and recognition through a range of options. 

Any volunteer that logs a certain amount of hours will receive the following certificates: 

  • Bronze Certificate : 20 hours
  • Silver Certificate: 40 hours
  • Gold Certificate: 60 hours
  • Platinum Certificate: 80 hours.

There will also be an award for the person that logs the most hours. This is known as Volunteer of the Year. This title is awarded at the Annual Awards Dinner currently scheduled to be in May.




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