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5 tips on staying safe in student accommodation as a woman

Here are 5 tips I’ve compiled to try out... TRIGGER WARNING: SEXUAL HARASSMENT

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A YouGov poll this month found that 80 per cent of women have been sexually harassed (it shoots up to 97 per cent for women aged 18-24). This large percentage has been circling around social media for days and worries many of us. If you are a female student living alone in accommodation, here’s 5 tips I’ve compiled to try out. Also, ALWAYS report suspicious behaviour.

  1. Download One Scream. If you are in danger and you cannot reach your phone, your panic scream triggers the app. The app then sends an automated message to your chosen contacts.
    Turn the app when you would like to.

  2. Learn self-defence moves: This article shares eight self-defence moves to try out;
    Women's Health - Self Defence 

  3. Make a habit of letting people know when you make it home safely. Also, make a habit of letting people know where you are. I share my location with my best friend through Find My iPhone, that’s my personal preference.

  4. Get to know your neighbours. It’s always good to know you are not alone.

  5. Be smart on social media. Have you shared any information you didn’t mean to?


We are stronger when we unite. Women’s safety is important to me as I have experienced many uncomfortable situations myself with strange men. I felt vulnerable. I’ve heard many stories of girls and their experiences and it is unacceptable how common this is. We should never live in fear and you are not alone. Harassment starts with the perpetrator. Men need to be educated, disciplined and punished for their offences. Women need to support each other. Men and women need to work together to bring change. This is definitely a problem bigger than me but it starts with our voices.

My thoughts are with Sarah Everards family.

If you have experienced any harassment-related issues on the LSBU campus please report here



Aimina Hussain
Communications Assistant


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