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Tamil Society

The TSOC promotes the Tamil culture and educates our culture to everyone. TSOC wants recognition of Tamil students. From kothu roti to kuththupaatu, participate, build relationships and kondaadu!

A Massive Welcome to the LSBU Tamil Society!


Our TSOC aims to embrace the uniqueness and significance of our Tamil Culture amongst both individuals who are of a Tamil Background, as well as those who aspire to learn more about the Tamil culture. Irrespective of where you are from, our TSOC family wants to cultivate the student experience by uniting Tamil and Non-Tamil Students, building everlasting relationships throughout the amazing events we will be hosting! 

We want to collaborate with other societies in regards to aiding local communities and help fundraise for their causes. We want the students at our institution to come out of their comfort zone and support the society.

So, what are you waiting for?  Come and join our TSOC Family for some real fun! Start collecting your memorable moments with the TSOC family! 

Contact us for any queries via email 

Instagram : @lsbutamilsoc




Minusa Letchumikanthan
Paul Austin Ajay

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