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S.O.S Planet is a society for students interested in contributing to a better future. We want to create a community involved in the sustainability of our Planet Earth, and we will run actions to make LSBU campus greener, you are welcome to join and share your thoughts! The aim is to learn along the way, so you do not need to have any knowledge about environmental sustainability. :)


Party for the Planet:

We are proud to present this post-Freshers' Fair event in London's iconic Tiger Tiger club! With your participation, this event will allow the society to fund its many projects. The event is open to every LSBU student, so talk about it to your friends!! 

Click on the poster below to book your tickets, using the discount code "SOS"


Our projects for the academic year 2021/22 are:

- Installing composting bins/garden in LSBU Halls

- Inviting climate activists on campus to enlighten us about the Climate Emergency

Among other projects pending to be confirmed...


Sponsorship with Campus Industries:

Register via this link to benefit £25 off your first bill and we will gain a small comission to help fund the projects cited above.

NB: you do not need to be LSBU student, nor S.O.S Planet member to register for the Virgin Media offer.


Our Youtube Channel:

In April 2020, Zion Lights gave S.O.S Planet members an online talk on "the Green Movement made Climate Change worse. How can we fix it?" - click on the image below to watch it


Email us at for more information.


Join the society and follow us on:

Instagram: @sosplanetsoc

Facebook: @sosplanetsoc


Lilas Cave

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