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S.O.S Planet society is dedicated to raising awareness about the climate emergency - we aim to encourage students to start environmental activism in any possible way. By joining our group you will have the opportunity to help us in our activism, and you will also benefit of discounts and advantages during our public events. 

Everyone is welcome, today is always a good day to start your activism!! :)


Our projects for the academic year 2021/22 are:

- Installing composting bins/garden in LSBU Halls.

- Inviting climate activists on campus to enlighten members and fellow students about the Climate Emergency.

- Writing letters/petitions to large corporations/Ministers to urge them to act on the matter of Global Warming.


Our Youtube Channel:

In April 2020, Zion Lights - former XR press editor and author of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting (2015) - gave S.O.S Planet members an online talk on "the Green Movement made Climate Change worse. How can we fix it?" - click on the image below to watch it!


Email us at for more information.


Join the society and follow us on:

Instagram: @sosplanetsoc

Facebook: @sosplanetsoc


Events Coordinator
Catherine Ball
Media Coordinator
Richard Mead
Lilas Cave

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