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Social Work Society

Open to all LSBU social work students and staff within the social work department.

Transitioning committee members.. Watch this space for more information!!


A HUGE welcome from the Social Work society!

The social work society is a student-led society which aims to empower student social workers (and students from other disciplines) that are interested in social work at LSBU.  We value your membership and would like to share the social work societys current aims with you.  

Aim 1: 

To bring all LSBU social work students together.

Our goal is to bring all social work students together, provide opportunities for networking among all student social work cohorts; and to offer mentorship opportunities across the cohorts; and provide self-care tips and techniques.   


Aims 2: 

To raise awareness of the student social work department.

Our goal is to provide LSBU student social workers with a platform to discuss, share ideas and advocate if the need arises; around issues relating to being a student social worker.


Aim 3:

To provide all LSBU student social workers with further opportunities and benefits for career development and access to social projects.

Our goal is to provide student social workers with events that will aid with the transition from going from a student social worker, to a newly qualified social worker.  For example, events that will support the application and process of the AYSE programme, guest social workers from non-traditional settings and sectors and peer group supervision available to all student social workers across all cohorts.

Benefits from joining the social work society:

  • The social work society will work with LSBU and the local and wider community.
  • Social work students will have access to a support hub of student social workers at various stages and levels of the social work programme based at LSBU. 
  • Students that join the society will have access to further opportunities offered outside of the academic programme.  Students will have access to opportunities that will enrich experiences, evidence employability skills, and build a professional network of social workers prior to qualifying.
  • Social work students will have the opportunity to take part in a mentorship scheme, as either the mentor or the mentee.
  • Social work students will have the opportunity to take part in group supervision, and student social work conferences.
  • Student social workers will have the opportunity to develop friendships from other social work cohorts. 
  • Student social workers will raise awareness of social work within the Health and Social Care department at LSBU.





Free social work resources

*Subscribe to Siobhan Macleans YouTube channel for everything social work! Siobhan offers weekly live webinars every wednesday at 7pm; you can watch the webinars at your own leisure via - excellent resources for your studies, placement and once we qualify!

*Check out the Social Work Toolkit via

*Social Work England - If you havent already, check out our regulators website here you will learn about social work professional standards, registration, social work CPD and more!

*Sign up to the British Association of Social Work (BASW) at 

*Social care Institute for Excellence has some great information, guidance and research for everything social care! Have a look at


Student support services

*Have a look at the student unions support hub

*speak to a Unibuddy Ambassador via


Student volunteering opportunities!

Check out these volunteering opportunites!

We are always looking for committed social work society reps, so just send us an email if you are interested and we will be in touch shortly!

We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.  Please feel free to share your views, using the link below its annoymous!

Share your thoughts here!


Shellisha Shann

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