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Gaming, Anime and Comic

Welcome to The Gaming, Anime & Comic Society

Hello new members!

Welcome to the society!

I'm so glad that you all took interest in this society and I hope we all get along together and have fun playing games, watching anime, reading comics, or any other nerdy things you like to do that you could suggest to me :) 

The £3 you pay now for your memebership is for your ENTIRE year making us the cheapest society on campus, your membership goes towards improving the society, such as funding events, buying games and consoles, and PC parts, so that together in a planned activity the society can build it's very own PC together that we can use to partake in esports competitions with other universities in the future.

A link to our whatsaoo group if you want to chat or play with us

Heres a link to our discord so you can come play games with us and join our events 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or ask in our discord and whatsapp 

Our weekly Wednesday meet will from now on be held in the Grad's cafe at 1pm - 8pm! If you don't know where that is, go up the stairs near the bar and look in the far right hand corner and you'll see two huge TV's and some consoles (The PS4 and Xbox One) (due to covid this will be taking a break for a while)
Please feel free to bring your own PS4 and Xbox One games!

Also for the PC gamers amongst you, we are actually taking part in an inter-university competition with games such as CS:GO, Overwatch, Rainbow Six siege and other titles, if you would like to speak with me about joining, please let me know on the Facebook group or in person on Wednesday (which will be much better). For the Anime and Comic fans amongst you I will try to connect my computer to one of the big screens so that we could perhaps look at some series together! As well as talk about them!

If you want to play some Nintendo games however, you will need to bring in your console (such as the Nintendo Switch). However normaly people have already brought them.

I hope I see all of you soon!

Current Committee Members:
President - Quincy Erokwu
Vice President- Ayaan "Red" Ahmed
Secretary- Anas Alobaid
Social Media Manager-Luana Gomes Semedo


Quincy Erokwu
Lewis Grant-Smith
Vice President
Syed Ahmed

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