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African Caribbean Society (ACS)

African and Caribbean Society - #LSBUACS

 Welcome to LSBU ACS!

Thank you for showing an interest in the African and Caribbean Society (ACS).

We are a society that aims to do three things for LSBU students:

1.     Empower

2.     Educate

3.     Entertain

LSBU ACS aims to provide opportunities to meet new faces, connect with individuals of all backgrounds and learn about African and Caribbean Culture/ History. 

We aim to provide a platform for showcasing and celebrating African and Caribbean culture within our diverse community by holding events that provide our member's cultural, social, educational and professional needs. 

LSBU ACS will hold a range of events throughout the year, especially during October as it is Black History Month. We will often collaborate with the LSBU Careers Hub to provide career or progressions opportunities and inspiration with VIP/Alumni.

Our ACS Family welcome people of all cultural backgrounds and want to encourage people to socialise and learn from each other when united. In addition, we aim to promote an enjoyable and fun experience at LSBU.

Once you have joined you will have free access to events we will hold throughout the year. Such as:

  • Bi-Weekly Game/Debate Nights

  • Parties/Showcase (Black History Month, Winter Ball and End of the Year Party)

  • VIP/Alumni Talks

  • External Visits/ Activities

  • And much more.

For more information on the society and to keep up to date with the latest event and information please speak to our publicity team or visit us online on our Instagram and Twitter.

With so many ways to get involved, it would be a crime to miss out on all the fun we have in store! 

We hope to see you at our future events!

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Co-President: David Lopes Goncalves

Co-President: George Kofi

General Secretary: Zarat Muraina

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