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African Caribbean Society (ACS)

African and Caribbean Society - #LSBUACS

 Brothers n' Sisters!

Thank you for showing an interest in the African and Caribbean Society (ACS).

We are a society that aims to do three things for LSBU students and the community:

1.     Empower

2.     Educate

3.     Entertain

ACS aims to provide opportunities to meet new faces, connect with individuals of all backgrounds and learn about African and Caribbean Culture/ History. 

Our ACS Family welcome people of all cultural backgrounds, and want to encourage people to socialise and learn from each other when united. In addition, we aim to promote an enjoyable and fun experience at LSBU, by filling your calender's with events such as debates, movie nights and of course, PARTAAAAAY'S.

So, if you’re looking to expand your social circle, have a good laugh and be entertained, look to the left, to the left (Beyoncé voice) and become another one of our brothers or sisters.


ACS Family  



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