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Christian Union

London South Bank University's Official Christian Union

Hello! We are LSBU Christian Union!


The Christian Union is here to love and serve everybody, make a safe and welcoming space for all and invite everyone into life with Jesus.


Jesus lived, died and rose again for us, for love. God made everything through, for and because of love.

God is love, and although plenty of institutions and organisations may have soiled that concept and the idea of Christianity or what it is supposed to be have been changed and distorted all too often, Jesus remains the same; welcoming, loving, humble and good. We at LSBU CU are well aware many may have a distorted or unpleasantly politicised view of Christianity, but we are here to support, never to judge. To create a genuine, accepting and compassionate community, to oppose injustice and to serve our community as best we can.


So, we want to pray regularly with and for the people of LSBU, build up a community, point people towards the many Bible studies, groups and churches meeting within the uni, highlight and collaborate with charities and continue living and learning alongside each other.


So, now you know LSBUCU, we wanna know you too. Come get in touch! Whoever you are, whatever your passion, political stance, sexual orientation, gender identity, whether you believe in Jesus or not, you're welcome here. We don't want to change or remove your identity, but we hope you can find it here. 


Thanks and God bless, here's how to get in touch:

LSBU CU on Facebook

@LSBU_CU on Twitter


Or text/call/WhatsApp 07380196740



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