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Risk Assessment Guidance for Student Groups

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All activities shall be risk assessed by the nominated/appointed person managing the activity and the appropriate control measures implemented before the activity takes place. Risk assessments shall always consider the possible need for first aid and arrangements shall be made to ensure that first aid provision is appropriate to the risks


Step 1 - Look for the Hazards

Only those hazards which you could reasonably expect to result in significant harm.

Typical Examples:

•    Contact with objects;

•    Water-related hazards;

•    Manual handling hazards;

•    Slipping /Tripping / Falling hazards.


Step 2 - Identify who may be harmed

Identify the groups of people who may be affected

Typical Examples:

•    Those directly involved

•    Officials

•    Spectator

•    General Public

N.B Pay particular attention to groups who may be more vulnerable e.g. disabled persons, inexperienced participants

Step 3 - Evaluate the risks

Do the precautions

•    Meet legal requirements

•    comply with recognised standards

•    represent good practice

•    reduce the risks as far as is reasonably practicable


Have you provided?

•    Adequate information, instruction and training?

•    Adequate systems or procedures?

•    Where the risks are not adequately controlled, identify additional precautions required


There are five key factors to consider:

  1. The people: What are their physical capabilities, are they beginners or experienced? Consider the participants, the spectators, and any injuries/illnesses/allergies
  2. The activity: Physical requirements, working at heights, food hygiene, are instructors required?
  3. The equipment: Correct equipment, clothing, is it good condition? Passed electrical testing?
  4. The location: Indoor? Outdoor? What's the playing surface?
  5. The environment: Weather, Lighting

Risk Rating

The Calculations

Risk Rating = Hazard Consequence (Severity) x Likelihood

Hazard Consequence Ratings:

1. First aid injury or illness

2. Minor injury or illness

3. “3 day” injury or illness

4. Major injury or illness

5. Fatality, disabling injury

Likelihood Ratings:

1. Very unlikely

2. Unlikely

3. Likely

4. Very likely

5. Almost certain


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