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Accessing important information to manage your Student Group

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Accessing Important Information to Manage Your Student Group

IT account

Once you have affiliated, your student group will receive the logins to their dedicated IT account. This will include an email account, instant chat function, calendar and cloud-based document drive. South Bank SU uses google workplace to manage this. 

You must use this account for all activities related to managing your group. The Union has made sure that this system is compliant with everything you need in terms of data security for your members, therefore it is approved for use. Using any other platform could mean that you are responsible for a breach of data protection law and the Union would not be able to take liability under its insurances and policies. 

This could also result in the student group having to be disaffiliated as the Union would not be able to assure itself of the group's compliance when acting on its behalf. 

Membership Data

Details of committee members will be kept on the shared drive and the President must ensure that these are updated if/when any change. This includes before handing over to a new President.

Some details of your group’s membership may be kept on the drive, however, this is likely to be limited until all committee members have completed GDPR training. 

Financial Information

After affiliated groups have had their activity plans and budget approved, you will be given a budget tracker which you can use to track the income and spend of your membership fund. 

You will be able to find out an up to date balance, and a breakdown of what money has come in and what has gone out.

Policies and processes

All the relevant policies, processes and other information relating to managing your student group can be found at at the Committee hub. This includes the templates you will need to use for various activities.




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