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What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai (more commonly known as Thai Boxing) is where the pairs of feet, fist, elbows and knees are used in combat. It is the most effective form of stand-up fighting and combat sport. Instead of running mindlessly on the treadmill, Muay Thai is contact and resistance training, plus serious cardio training.


You are constantly hitting something: bags, focus mitts, Thai pads. This type of training is an emotional release as well as developing the mind body and spirit. Fit to Fight, Fight for Fitness.

Complete inclusivity for all ranges of ages and abilities!

When do we train? 

Mondays @ K2 building 4pm-530pm on LSBU campus

Fridays, 2:45-4:15pm @ Team underground. Address: Team underground MMA, 183 old Kent road, se1 5nf

There will be equipment for you to use at the gym but due to Covid and hygiene it is recommended that you have your own equipment, For example, boxing gloves, additional such as shin guards, and a gum shield is not essential are good to have.


What does my membership include?

Membership includes weekly training sessions with qualified expert coach Johnny Boon who trained and fought in Thailand for the most part of his life!

With your membership, it also allows you the opportunity to compete in Inter-university fights with travel and entry fees covered.

As well as this we are looking to host events and regular socials so that we can get to know our teammates in and out of the gym!

Are we Accessible? 

The venue that we train at currently, is not wheelchair or disability-friendly. If you would like to try Muay Thai in a way that suits you, let us know! We are open to anyone and everyone from any background or stage in life! Please send us an email if you wish to inquire further. 

What if I have more questions?

Email us at

Or shoot us a message on our facebook page!

Winners of Best sports club @ LSBU 2019!!!!!






Daniel Bradley
Vice President
Anas Mansour

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  • Muay Thai - Full Student Membership£50.00
  • Muay Thai Semester 2 Membership£30.00


Upcoming events

There are no events scheduled right now, but check back soon!


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