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Degree Calculator

Degree Calculator


Want to know how you're doing so far? Or what you need to get in your remaining modules to achieve that 2:1 or 1st you're aiming for?

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Did you know that the top four (20 credit) module results in your final year(Level 6) are worth 80% of your undergradutate degree; the remaining 20% is a weighted average of your remaining final year (Lv6) and second year (Level 5) modules - no neither did we! 

Working out what classification of degree you're on track to get can be a bit of a nightmare, so we've put together this simplified LSBU degree classification calculator, that allows you to put your current module grades into it, alongside your predictions for your remaining modules, allowing the calculator to predict the classification of degree you're on course for. 

Please note: if you're in the School of Engineering or School of Health & Social Care: you should click on this link and read specific guidance for you.

How to get help!

We want you to know that even if you've had a shaky start to your studies not to panic! Speak to the Academics on your Course, they're there to help and guide ou through your studies, you can also access FREE additional academic support and classes from the Skills for Learning Team - find out more on MyLSBU.

The Students' Union also has a free independent confidential advice service available to students, so if you're facing difficulties in you personal life thats affecting your studies, or something has gone wrong with the way your course is run - feel free to speak with us.


Remember: Hard work is never a waste of time!


Download a worked example (1Mb, PDF)

What percentages do I need?

The university normally classifies all bachelors degrees (with honours) based on the following bands:

  • 70%+ - 1st Class

  • 60 - 69%  - 2nd Class (Upper Division) 2:1

  • 50 - 59% - 2nd Class (Lower Division) 2:2 
  • 40 - 49% - 3rd Class 

Full rules on how the University classifies Awards can be found in the Academic Regulations and the Universities Assessment & Examination policy. Please ensure you're reading the most up to date version.



This degree classification calculator is for guidance only. There is no guarantee that the classification you will calculate by this method is the one which will be finally awarded. For full details on how your degree classification is calculates please read the Academic Regulations and the Universities Assessment & Examination policy. All marks and classifications must be confirmed by the Exam Board on behalf of university before they become final. 

This tool is a Students' Union tool, it is not an official University tool and all degree classifications are determined by the official Exam Board results released by the university. For students on some programmes your results may be calculated differently, or there may be specific pass requirements for your programme / professional registration.

This tool is provided in good faith, but the Students' Union cannot guarantee the number you calculate will match that of the degree classification you're awarded - official advice should always be sought from the University.

School specific info

  • School of Engineering: The Engineering Council requires key projects to be included in the degree calculations and for some professional engineering institutions require all modules to be included in the degree calculation. Check with your course director for specific details.

  • School of Health & Social Care: need to pay particular care to the credit value of their modules, especially if they are 40 or 60 credits. Also, some modules are 'pass/fail' but do not contribute to your final grade - you just have to pass them!