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Indian Society

Indian society aims to celebrate Indian culture, to attract a diverse member base incorporating both local and international students. We wish to give our individuals a stage to interact and enhance their university experience. Encouraging people from all backgrounds,we commit to deliver exciting events like one dish parties, cricket competitions, pre-packaged games night, Desi night, as well as celebrating auspicious occasions such as independence day. We promise to enlive the university life of the students. Inculcating values of "vasudhaiv kutumbakam",We look forward to join hands with other societies and exploring the diversity of our cultures and innovative ideas. The society promotes active participation in all events including the International Cultural Evening and Global Flavors, the University´s international food festival. We welcome everyone who wishes to meet new people, keep in touch with their culture above all have loads of fun and entertainment !




Gautam Lalwani
Mansi Harshad

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