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Politics Society

The Politics Society is being re-established with a push on academic and course-related activity, with the desire to make it a Society built on various branches which will appeal to students that want to make the most of their course, both academically and socially.

As we are currently unable to enjoy the social aspects that university life usually offers, it is wise to instead look for unseen benefits in the current climate.

Given this, it is an ideal time to engage in activities that will both serve to benefit us in academic performance and career-building aspects.  Such things will also help in establishing connections that we would usually make in-person.

In time we will be coming together again, and when that happens, the Politics Society will be there. So, the time we have now is an opportunity to develop ideas for social events, and a chance for students interested in committee positions to think about not only this academic year but the ensuing one too.



Tallulah Bird
Vice President
Andrew Quick

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