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Invisible Disabilities Society

A safe space for students who identify as having an invisible disability (formally diagnosed or not) to meet each other and realise they are not alone. Allies (students without an invisible disability) are also welcome as long as they maintain the values of diversity, accessibility and inclusion that the society stands for.

Around 60% of people aged 18-64 live with an invisible disability. I believe there needs to be a greater understanding of these disabilities, formally diagnosed or not. 

Our aim is to build a sense of community and fun on campus by organising a range of activities from nights out (there is no requirement to drink) to cultural activities with the aim of supporting friend making. We will also hold events to promote conversation around issues faced by this community and assist in educating the public about these. The price of activities will be clearly stated.

Meeting days and times will be shared on our WhatsApp group chat, send me your numbers either by text or WhatsApp (07557100618, make sure you include your name so I can match numbers to names)-I'm still in the process of gaining access to the society email address so don't send anything there just yet.

If you have any ideas for events/suggestions for how the society should be run, let me know. I'm open to hearing all suggestions anytime.


Disclaimer: We are not a medical agency and do not give out medical advice, if you need any advice speak to the DDS or mental health and wellbeing team or your local GP


Ahana Ogle

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