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Animal Therapy Society

Did you know, it has been scientifically proven that being around animals (like cats and dogs) can lower stress and anxiety levels? Even just watching pet compilations can boost your energy and positive emotions. 

As most of us live away from home, it can be a struggle to find time with animals. This society is here to provide you with opportunities to meet puppies at our puppy rooms on campus and meet other animals, with opportunities to visit cat cafes, zoos and much more! 

For on-campus events that are open to all, we will offer discounted tickets and priority access to members. 


Socialising is another key factor that can determine our mood and wellbeing, and therefore we will also offer outings to places such as bars and restaurants (student-friendly prices only)



We are unsure on how we are going to operate from September onwards as of yet, but rest assured we will not disappear.



As we are a brand new committee for 2021, we would love to hear ideas from current and prospective members, as what they'd like to get out of society, and what events you would like to make happen.

For questions or queries, please feel free to contact us at or Alex at

Please follow our Instagram page for all the latest news & join our Facebook group to see everything we're talking about in the world of mental health and cute animals!



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