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Amnesty International Society


Amnesty International is an organisation founded in 1961 to defend andpromote Human Rights. Today, Amnesty is the world’s leading human rights organisation with millions of members and supporters campaigning agains injustice and inequality everywhere;they all endorse the vision of a world in which every person enjoys all human rights.

After the word war II the countries of the world gathered and created the universal declaration of human rights. Amnesty’s role is to make sure that these human rights are enjoyed by everyone everywhere. However since the UN first adopted the charter to the present day, a day does not go by without news reports of grave human rights abuses in countries across all regions of the world. 

WHY LSBU AMNESTY SOCIETY IS IMPORTANT ?  With the rise of authoritarianism across the globe discrimination and violation of human rights has seen a gradual increase and today we see individuals experience human rights abuses daily. This is why educating people on human rights issues has never seemed to be as important as it is today.

AIMS OF LSBU AMNESTY SOCIETY:  Our goal is to raise awareness of the work of Amnesty on campus and bring attention to both domestic and global human rights issues by hosting a wide range of events and campagns and also help the student get involved with making a difference.

WHY JOIN US? In the preamble of the UDHR it is stated that human rights should be the ‘highest aspiration of the common people’ in which we all envisage a world free from tyranny and oppression’ and recognise that ‘all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’.

Join us to learn more about what is actually happening in the world we live in, to protect your own human rights, the human rights of people around you, and the human rights of people around the world, to  potentially save the lives of millions of people and think about what we can change about the world to make it safer for everyone.


-We are an inclusive society and invite students from across other societies to participate with us.

-Interested in debate? There will always be room to improve your speaking and knowledge about international laws with the discussions we put together! 

-In raising awareness about human rights violations, we are also adamant about putting together speaker events, semester-long campaigns and workshops to teach students the art of effective campaigning, networking and protest.

- We also fundraise for Amnesty International and support victims of human rights abuses (at home or global) through visits, letters, donations and petitions.


Amnesty International Society October 2020 Elections

October 2020 Society Election for committee positions: Secretary and Welfare Officer. 

All members who are LSBU students in the academic year 2020-2021 are eligible to stand and vote. All vacant positions must have candidates standing and votes cast to remain open. If you would like to know more information about a particular committee role, please contact the current team of committee. 

Elections will be running from Monday, October 19th to Monday, October 26. The results will be revealed in the following week.

If you have any question please email us at: 

Join our WhatsApp group: for the upcoming events!

We are really exciting to welcome you to the team!! 



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