Joining the union

Every student at LSBU is automatically a member of the students' union - you join when you enrol.

Membership is totally free for students and as an independent charity, we exist to champion the academic interests of every student at LSBU.

We are run by students, for students, and every member has the right to access our services, take part in and shape the decisions of how the union is run and have your voice heard across the university and beyond.

To help get the most from your membership- make sure you tell us about you, and what you want to get out of your time at LSBU. Your answers will help us tailor our services and support directly to you throughout the year and make sure your voice is included. Completing your answers only takes a couple of minutes and you can complete this survey at any time.

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What is a students' union anyway?

Your students' union is an independent charity, set up to help and support students at LSBU. We provide a range of services available to every student - whether that’s finding the advice and support you need, getting your voice heard on the issues that matter to you, doing more of the things you love or even just putting some extra cash in your pocket. We’re here to represent the academic interests of every student at London South Bank University. Membership for every student is completely free and you will become a member when you start any course at LSBU.

What if I can't access students' union services?

All students become members of the students' union when you enrol with the university unless you specifically opt-out. If you can’t access services of the union, like being able to login to our website, joining a sports club or student society or if you can't vote in student elections, it’s usually because at enrolment or re-enrolment you ticked on the wrong box and opted out of students' union membership. To opt back in to membership, completely free, you can activate your membership at any time by clicking here: For any enquiries or help with accessing us you can get in touch with us at at any time.

What if I don't want to be a member of the students' union?

Under provisions made by the 1994 Education Act, every student is a member of their students’ union unless they choose to opt-out. To exercise your right to opt-out of students' union membership please click here - but please note by opting out you may not be able to access some students' union services including being able to vote in student elections.

Our 2025 strategy

As your students' union and an indepedent charity we are working towards an ambitious 2025 strategy to totally transfom the way a students' union works in a modern university.

You can read all about our ambitions for 2025 and the plan we are working towards here.

Other policies and procedures that affect you as a member

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Sustainability and environmental policies

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